3 Reasons Why Our Customers Love MMS

We know there are other systems out there that do what we do. So what makes Kon-Cept’s Manufacturing Management System (MMS) and our Manufacturing IT Solutions so special? Over the years we’ve noticed that there were three main points that our customers raved about when it came to our product over our competitors.

  1. Adoption

    We built our Solutions with the focus of rapid realization. MMS and our IT Solutions were created to interface easily with Control and IT Infrastructure and require minimal integration effort. Depending on the solutions a client is implementing it can take as little as four weeks to start realizing the results of our Solutions. Our customers love that they don’t have to design the solution from the ground up like they may have to with another MES software. Our Solutions offer our clients the ability to easily learn, use and modify the software so that they can eventually be self reliant. Kon-Cept continues to provide on-going support, but we give our customers the opportunity to take ownership of their Solution. 

  2. Flexibility

    No two manufacturers are the same. MMS was designed with this in mind. MMS and our IT Solutions can be adapted to the smallest detail in individual production processes, whether at plant, line, or workplace level. This flexibility allows our clients to get exactly what they need, nothing less, nothing more.

  3. Price

    You should only pay for what you need. The cost of our software depends on our customers very unique needs. Our price structure is set up like a sliding scale (see below) with two main factors taken into consideration; Project Size and Functional Scope. Project Size refers to the scope of the clients implementation e.g. connection points, control systems and work stations. Functional Scope describes the amount of Solutions needed. Cost is adjusted for each customer based on the size and scope of the project.


Are you considering a new system or not happy with the results you are getting with your current MES provider? Give us the opportunity to show you how our IT Solutions might work better for you.

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