Kon-Cept Lands Michigan Based Bearings Manufacturer

Large Michigan based Bearings Manufacturer to gain process efficiency with Kon-Cept IT Solution.

Greater Detroit based bearings manufacturer will implement Kon-Cept software to gain efficiencies in their manufacturing process. In partnership with Design Systems Inc., Kon-Cept will implement an IT Solution that will ensure greater process efficiency and reporting for the manufacturer’s new factory. Kon-Cept will work closely with the Design System Inc. engineers to integrate the IT Solution into the new plant, ensuring optimum efficiency from the start of the project.

“We are confident that our IT Solution will help raise productivity and improve quality not only during the launch, but throughout the life of the facility.” Says Keith McRitchie, President of Kon-Cept North America.

This marks the third Michigan based client that Kon-Cept will be providing Manufacturing IT Solutions for. Kon-Cept has a large established client base throughout Europe, China and Mexico.



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