Case Study:  Plant Visualization & Alarm Monitoring 


The key to a solution for our client was providing them with information about their equipment and the breakdowns that were occurring. We implemented a solution that collected operational information about all of their machines. As early as two weeks after our initial engagement with the client, we were able to generate reports that pinpointed areas with repetitive problems, allowing our client to focus efforts on reducing those bottlenecks. Real-time dashboards gave our clients the ability to stop putting out fires and focus on preventative maintenance and corrective actions. Daily and shift based reports were used as a metric to track performance, driving focus on increasing productivity and reducing downtime. This gave our client the ability to preschedule shifts to meet and exceed their customer’s requirements.

Michigan based Press and Welding shop, supplying a major automotive manufacturer

Unable to meet the rate needed by their customer. Their equipment was malfunctioning and they were unable to determine where to concentrate their efforts.

Increase efficiency and preventative maintenance in order to increase and exceed customer rate

Plant Visualization & Alarm Monitoring


Able to meet and exceed customer desired rate


Reduce costs through preventative maintenance


Pre-schedule production based on forecast of orders

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