Genealogy & Build History

Minimize the risks inherent with today’s complex products and provide comprehensive containment in the case of a product recall.


Increasingly complex products, materials and processes, high efficiency demands resulting in shorter cycle times and higher quality targets coupled with surging regulatory compliance requirements has led to a dramatic demand for transparency in the manufacturing process.

Over the last few years we have seen an increasing trend of product recalls resulting in damage to companies’ financial standing and reputation.

That’s where a well planned containment strategy combined with comprehensive Build History and Genealogy data can provide significant support.

How does it work?

The design of the modern production process must include the ability to record and document each critical step throughout the manufacturing process. Production IT is the ideal solution for this requirement.

During both automated and manual processes, the Genealogy and Build History Solution offers a comprehensive set of tools to collect and accurately store each individual action and result. The collected data provides a complete picture of everything that has happened to the product as it passed through the manufacturing process.

Having this data available is only part of the solution. Another key aspect of this solution is being able to easily use this data to trace a product which may have been affected by faulty materials, processes or any other environmental factors. Our solution provides a carefully designed set of reporting tools which can allow the modern manufacturer to contain issues with minimum impact to both profitability and reputation.

The Technology behind our solution

Dynamic Build History

Electronically record all activities and materials

All data collected during production is stored along with the product order. This data contains process variables, material codes, serial numbers and batch data along with personnel and timestamp data. The information can be used to examine trends in final product attributes based on a specific set of build criteria.

Containment Reports

Accurately identify product lists from material batches

Return all affected products based on material, material batch, process variables or timeframe. This powerful tool can pinpoint the exact set of products affected by a specific set of materials or circumstances.

Material and Batch Scans

Confirm material compliance or record serial numbers

Work steps configured to collect process data such as material codes or serial numbers, can be set up to test results instantly. These results can help prevent the completion of operations, forcing inline corrective action in order to prevent mistakes from leaving the work station.


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