Inventory Management

Reduce waste by automating the management of materials and WIP within the production facility.

titanium and steel ball-bearings and gears, aerospace engineering parts

One of the principal forms of waste in manufacturing results from excess inventory of both production materials and Work-In-Progress (WIP). This form of waste can cause a financial burden and an unnecessary use of the manufacturing space.

Non-Value Added time associated with the location and retrieval of production materials and WIP, also negatively impacts manufacturing performance.

Our Inventory Management tools can help reduce both forms of waste by automating the management of materials and WIP within the production facility.

How does it work?

Inventory Management tracks the quantity, status and location of inventory prior to the build process. Manufacturing can verify that a part is in the warehouse via barcode or RFID technology and locate the part prior to starting a build.

Optimizing stock levels to create a balance between too much and too little, helps alleviate material and WIP values in the production facility.

Knowing where the right parts are and having them ready when they are needed can greatly increase worker throughput. It can also help to eliminate partial assembly or repair jobs due to lack of parts at the assembly station.

Moreover, Inventory Management can interface with the ERP system to update inventory quantities and inform the ERP when the set quantities are in a low state and are ready for reorder.

The technology behind our solution

Asset Tracking

Automated location services for storage and retrieval

Reduce Non-Value Added time in the management, storage and retrieval of both WIP and production materials. Our solution supports material and location identification technologies such as barcode, RFID and even intelligent location services.

Material Stock Level Management

Automate stock re-order based on level and lead time

Our solution is the shop floor integration of stock level management, providing re-order triggers based on intelligent rules. These triggers can be used by a purchasing department or can be provided to an ERP system for integration into the enterprise supply chain management system.

Material Containment

Manage risk by controlling obsolete or faulty stock

Prevent the ingress of invalid materials or WIP into the production process using material status codes to control eligibility.


Inventory Optimization

Eliminate waste by controlling optimal material levels

Excess inventory of both production materials and WIP is both a waste of money and valuable manufacturing space. Our Inventory Management Solution can help by providing controlled levels of materials and WIP.

BOM Stock Check

Prevent “false starts” by confirming material stock levels before manufacturing begins

Improve your First-Time-Correct ratio and reduce rework time by insuring that all required materials and WIP are present and allocated before the order is launched into production.

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