Picking & Kitting

Improving efficiency and eliminating errors within your logistics operations.

Picking and Kitting Bin Part Organizer

Today’s manufactures are faced with many challenges when it comes to their logistics operations. Reducing costs, increased variability and quality issues are common obstacles to increasing profitability.

Effective logistics solutions can help with these common challenges, allowing production manufacturing to operate quicker, more cost effectively and with higher product quality.

Sequenced part kitting operations remove the burden of correct part selection from the pressured environment of the production line, making assembly operations faster with fewer errors. 

How does it work?

One of the keys to effective picking and kitting operations is the accurate and timely delivery of instructions to the operators working within the production stores area. Innovative methods to deliver these instructions can improve the effectiveness of personnel and the accuracy of kitting operations.

To maximize the accuracy of picking and placing operations, these instructions must be delivered in such a way as to effectively safeguard the integrity of the process. All repetitive tasks have the tendency to create “self-steering” behavior patterns which can lead to inaccuracy in picking operations.

Additionally, with many manufacturing centers featuring large production “supermarkets”, clever sequencing of pick and place operations can significantly reduce the time required to kit orders.


The Technology behind our solution

Picking and Kitting Paperless Kitting Screen

Paperless Kitting Screens

Electronic delivery of picking and kitting instructions

These configurable screens show an overview of the kits being worked on, the status of the operation and detailed instructions for parts to be picked and placed. As the operator acknowledges a step, the screen updates to reflect the progress.


Providing a high level of process security

For rapid retrieval of target parts and optimal process security, the pick-to-light solution can be deployed. This feature can be configured to provide light only, light and acknowledge button or light and pick detection (for example, light curtain).

Picking and Kitting Pick to Light
Top-Tov Voxter Pick by Voice


Allows for high level of variability and eliminates user error

Providing an entirely hands-free experience, the pick-by-voice solution delivers concise, step-by-step instructions to the operator. Guiding the operator to the correct part picks and part places and providing error proofing by means of a frequently changed “check words” on pick and place locations, this solution is one of the most effective and secure methods to control kitting.


Sequence Cart and Reverse Sequence Picking

Optimal sequencing operations for line-side delivery

However the instructions are delivered, the activities carried out by the operators must be intelligently sequenced to reflect the method of delivery to production. Our solution offers a highly flexible set of sequencing tools to accommodate any form of delivery.

Sequence Cart and Reverse Sequence Picking
Picking and Kitting Picking Path Optimization

  Picking Path Optimization Tools

Reduced operator travel paths increase efficiency and eliminate waste

Our kitting solution offers many built-in functions to adapt to common picking and kitting optimization strategies. For example: 2-way kitting coordinating the activities of forward and reverse activities. In addition to these, a path optimization feature allows the solution to guide the operator on an optimized collection path to reduce the need for repetitive retrieval steps.


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