Electronic Work Instructions and Quality Tools

Electronic Work Instructions and Quality Tools are extremely beneficial at eliminating errors that arise due to complex and highly variable work activities.

Work Instructions on Computer

Wherever complex assembly processes are carried out manually, especially where product diversity is a factor, there exists the possibility of mistakes being made.

For today’s manufacturer, every second counts and every mistake made can cost you your reputation and your money. For this reason, the need to provide precise guidance and ensure compliance, is higher than ever before.

Detailed instructions and cross checks can be implemented to take the guesswork out of the process and help prevent costly issues.

How does it work?

Providing instructions and insuring compliance is no easy task. With highly complex operations and high variability of product features, the modern manufacturer is faced with a large number of possible permutations for each workstation.

Electronic delivery of work instructions and process guidance for a specific workpiece in each workstation, removes all of the doubt from the workers operations. Eliminating the need for individual workers to make decisions can also increase throughput and in turn, increase profitability.

Moreover, with highly detailed operational guidance, the need for extensive operator training is reduced significantly.

With an electronic system aware of the process to be carried out, compliance checking can happen in real-time allowing corrective action can be taken before the workpiece leaves the workstation.

The Technology behind our solution

work instruction screen

Work Instruction Screens

Providing process guidance through graphics and video

The Work Instruction Screen have the ability to show text, graphics and/or videos in a user defined matrix. The content will automatically reflect the operations to be carried out on the current work-piece.

eChecklist Screens

Text based work instruction list with operator feedback

The eChecklist displays a list of operations (work steps) to be carried out for the current work-piece. Instructions can be configured to be automatically acknowledged, require a simple confirmation, require input of process data, barcode scan etc. The data collected is stored with the workpiece for the life of the record.

work instruction echecklist screen
Work Instruction Zone Check

Zone Quality Check Function

Create quality gates with the zone checker feature

If required, the Zone Quality Check function allows the establishment of quality review gates. These allow the history of operations throughout a section of workstations, to be reviewed. Incomplete or erroneous operations will automatically be flagged along with date/time and operator data. This feature allows quality control staff to make decisions on the destiny of the workpiece.

Material Checks

Confirm material compliance or record serial numbers

Work steps configured to collect process data such as material codes or serial numbers, can be set up to test results instantly. These results can help prevent the completion of operations, forcing inline corrective action in order to prevent mistakes from leaving the work station.

Material Check Barcode Scanner

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